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Issue No. 7 | December 5th, 2008


Working Against Yourself: Part 1 - Jump Inside Kick
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - Author of High Performance Wushu Performs in New Fighting Game
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Working Against Yourself: Part 1 - Jump Inside Kick (FHPW p. 59)

Sometimes the one thing that is holding you back from landing your techniques is something simple and quite obvious. However, unless you see it from a third person point of view, or somebody points it out, you don’t realize it. While this applies to any technique, I see this most commonly in the Jump Inside Kick and the Aerial. This issue, we’ll talk about the Jump Inside Kick.

In the Jump Inside Kick, it is a common mistake to disconnect your upper and lower body during the takeoff and kick. Before the takeoff, the upper starts rotating. As the feet start leaving the ground, the lower body starts rotating. So far so good. However, once in the air, the entire body should continue rotating as a single unit. What many people end up doing is holding the upper body still and using that as a counterweight to help them kick. This is incorrect since the upper body will rotate opposite relative to the lower body, and essentially opposite of the desired direction. The end result is getting all twisted up in the air after the kick. This makes it very difficult to rotate much further with any reasonable amount of control.

To prevent this from happening, be sure to lock the body together as one piece after the takeoff. Keep your left oblique muscles tight and resist the temptation to pull the right shoulder back at any time, especially during the kick. Keep pushing the right shoulder forward. This will help you maintain synchrony between the upper and lower body. If you do it right, the rotation will happen quite naturally on its own after the kick.

While the above may sound quite obvious, and you may have heard or read about it before in Fundamentals of High Performance Wushu: Taolu Jumps and Spins, you may be surprised to find that you are making this mistake. There are a lot of details involved in the technique and it is best to observe yourself from different point of view. Assume nothing until you have a chance to review your technique in detail. Get a coach, fellow athlete, or friend to watch you when you practice. Ask them to pay attention to one or two aspects per repetition. Or, record yourself on video and watch the playback frame by frame. You’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll learn about your technique. Then review the chapter on the Jump Inside Kick (FHPW p.59) and make sure everything in your technique is correct. The more you understand about what you are actually doing, the faster you’ll be able to improve your technique and achieve your goals.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe:
Author of High Performance Wushu Performs in New Fighting Game

Over the past year, Raymond Wu, the author of Fundamentals of High Performance Wushu: Taolu Jumps and Spins, has been working with Midway on the newest installment of the popular Mortal Kombat franchise. Selected as one of the motion capture artists, he performed many of the martial arts/special moves as well as acrobatic stunts for various characters in the game. See characters such as Batman, Superman, Sub-Zero and Scorpion come alive with his moves in this new brawler! Get your copy today below!

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