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Online Resource Links

Below are some other Wushu and Wushu-related resources online. If you would like to have a website added to this list, please send an e-mail to with "Links" in the subject line - or you can click here to use the comments form.

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Wushu Sites - Has an active forum community with news and updates about Wushu events. Also has videos and other good resources.

Wushu One Family - Has many good videos of the professional Wushu artists which are good for analyzing and learning from.

Wushu Kicks - Has useful videos and tutorials as well as Wushu training products.

Wushu Schools/Clubs/Groups

Extreme Kungfu/Wushu Training Center - Chicago, IL - "Our main focus is to teach contemporary wushu, sanshou and mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and taichi to adults and children." Check out their "Wu Factor" cable television episodes as well as their short films at

Chicago Wushu Guan - Chicago, IL - "Our goal is not merely to teach but to continually explore and utilize the many methods of training available. Whether you see yourself as a casual athlete or an extreme athlete, whether you are looking for self-defense or self betterment, your thirst for knowledge and fitness will be addressed at Chicago Wushu Guan."

Championship Martial Arts Academy - Chicago, IL - "CMAA students train in both internal (e.g, Tai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan) and external forms (also known as Kungfu or Kung Fu) of Wushu martial arts, beginning at the most basic and progressing to advanced championship levels. Individual instruction emphasizes forms, weapons, and other basic techniques, while group practices bring together students of various ranks in a friendly and mutually supportive atmosphere. "

The Chinese Martial Arts Academy of Austin - Cedar Park, TX - "...specializes in traditional Northern Shaolin kung fu and contemporary wushu."

Southwest Institute of Chinese Martial Arts - Lawton, OK - "...offer classes in the traditional Northern Shaolin kung fu boxing style of Chang Chuan Men, which translates as Long Fist School...Our curriculum includes a full range of striking techniques, joint locks (Chin Na), floor maneuvers, self-defense, and a wide array of ancient Chinese weapons."

Instructional Resource Sites

New Age Taichi - A site dedicated to a scientific approach to Taichi..."We approach Taichi in a very scientific manner, with the help of the latest technology, sports science and professional training methods to obtain the most effective result within the shortest time possible."

Kung Fu Brothers - Has several instructional videos on various weapons

Lower Spinal Rotation - A system developed by Master Henry Gong which emphasizes the correct use of the lower spinal column to add crispness, efficiency and significant power in even simple bodily movements.

Chinese Martial Arts - A site about Peter Jaw's books on traditional Chinese martial arts.

Plum Publications - Has a diverse array of instructional resources including DVDs, VCDs, and books on mostly traditional Chinese martial arts.

Real Wushu Scholar - "...An online multimedia publication covering all aspects of Chinese martial arts. We merge the disciplines of internet design and usability, filming and video editing, interviewing and journalism, not forgetting martial arts."

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