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The Inspiration

High Performance Wushu was founded in March 2007 to advance the practice of Wushu around the world. The founder, Raymond Wu, spent years training in martial arts (Wushu and Tae Kwon Do) as well as various sports including gymnastics, figure skating, and volleyball among others. Through the training in those sports, he gathered a wealth of knowledge about biomechanics and physics (kinematics). With his strong interest in science and teaching, he started passing along the knowledge he gained to fellow athletes. He found that the unique manner in which he was able to teach other people helped them to understand the proper techniques more easily. As a result, they progressed much more rapidly. Sensing that fellow practitioners in other geographic locations may stand to benefit as well, he created the High Performance Wushu concept. was launched in April 2007 shortly after the publication of the ground-breaking training book Fundamentals of High Performance Wushu: Taolu Jumps and Spins, which has received worldwide acclaim. The site is constantly expanding to provide a broad range of technical resources for the martial arts community. It now includes a training forum, newsletters, and a gear shop. No matter if you are just starting out or are perfecting your nandu moves, this site is dedicated to helping you achieve high performance Wushu.


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